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Taking a cue from the famous-ish essays in Jean Baudrillard’s The Gulf War Did Not Take Place, Donald Trump Is Not The President.

This seems like a stupid, counterfactual thing to say and it may be a stupid thing to say. BUT. Donald Trump does not exist.

At least not in the way, you and I exist.

all seeing trumpDonald Trump is a hysterical projection of a modern capitalism machine. Donald Trump is not even a hysteric for that would imply too much agency on his part.


Instead, Donald Trump is an illusion cast on billowing puffs of smoke, churned out by a machine designed to maximize exposure (buzz) of image and brand.

We’ve seen how Trump is NOT a business man, but rather the appearance of a public ideal of what and how businessmen look and act.

We’ve seen it proven that Trump is NOT that rich but rather glitters in a way a poor person believes expensive things glitter.

We’ve seen how Trump’s ideology is NOT political but rather an ideology of consumption – mainly of more Trump.

Given this context, Donald Trump does not exist, but is rather a crude accumulation of hysterical operations.

Since Donald Trump does not exist, he cannot actually be President of the United States.

So who or what IS it that was elected and holds office?

A Leviathan in the purest sense of the word. An undulating, cadaverous, gigantic monstrosity of stitched together tendrils of every shit taking, puffed up, treasonous, racist incoherence possible. Its a swirling turd filled vortex of a toilet flush that refuses to go down the drain.

This awful, simmering bullshit collation plays grab-hand peek-a-boo from behind the intermittent trickery of the projection from the Donald Trump Machine.

The Donald Trump Machine produces multilevels of meaningless and in that meaninglessness rests all its power and violence. For it is hidden, delayed, and virtual – happening off screen at a speed we cannot track with human faculties.

As such, we cannot oppose the Donald Trump Machine. The industrial process explained above is unassailable.

Its lies cannot be countered by truth. Its decoys cannot be exposed as fakes. Its inconsistencies cannot be made consistent. Language and reality are indelibly altered by and for the Donald Trump Machine and its system cannot be challenged by its own system.

Nor is the Donald Trump Machine threatened by an objective reality outside of itself, for any otherness is neither acknowledged nor understood. The Donald Trump Machine is a closed system in the purest, most hateful sense of a closed system.

So where does this leave us? Nowhere good.

And with little opportunities for resistance that will change the functioning mechanisms we could resist against.


Our best option is to band together to acknowledge and keep alive the floating bits of reality and truth – to recognize and celebrate the gritty insolubility of this virtual, unreal, not-happening-in-reality Presidency.

Here I am reminded of an E.M. Cioran quote “Whether or not there exists a solution to problems troubles only a minority; that the emotions have no outcome, lead to nothing, vanish into themselves – that is the great unconscious drama, the affective insolubility everyone suffers without even thinking about it.” ALL GALL IS DIVIDED p.31.


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