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Вся власть советам! -Bolshevik Slogan, 1917.

If you are a political junkie like me, you will be able to trace a map through many different shades and denominations of political thought.

You will be able to grimace at the naivete of Brutalist phases. You will understand how the path through “Smash the State” anarchism lead to Art, not Statescraft. You will struggle with macro v. micro bummer sticker slogans. There will be hard landings into soft realities. And, ultimately, you will completely fail to grasp the mathematics of Economic drivers.

Yeah. If you are like me, you will be horrified hearing yourself defending the “Intelligence” community, placing all your money on the ineffectuality of careerist bureaucrats, and worrying about the dismantling of the State.

On a nearly hourly basis, the Trump Presidency turns the world upside down. The frantic pace is the only consistency anymore. All ideology is stripped of moral pretense making hypocrisy meaningless. Finally, the cynicism of the System is paramount as we are constantly assured by politicians, pundits, and our fellow citizens that Nothing Matters Anymore.

As such, I am constantly confuzzled [reference: Winnie the Pooh] and often dislocated along my personal political spectrum. The radical ideas I hold dear are nearly fulfilled in Trump (though in some upsidedown world sorta way). The more liberal agenda I subscribe to seems woefully ineffectual or unwilling to confront the threat of Trump head on. And the Brutalist in me is an unforgiving prick that does want to watch the racist, uneducated masses burn themselves to cinders in the fire of their own ignorant fuckery.


The Angel of History

We are no longer dealing with a safe Paul Klee painting, but a Hunter Thompson Hell’s Angel, cranked out of his mind, head careening back, his beard tipped in flashing red and white, the siren is progress chasing him into a cul-de-sac future, trapped in a prefabricated development.


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